Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Weekend in Boston

Well, we just got back home last night from a weekend in Boston. We were there for a wedding which went great (congrats C & C!!).

I did manage to stop in for a session at the Burren hosted by fiddler, George Keith and a box player by the name of Sean Gannon (I believe). George lived here in Chicago for a while and we first met at the Wednesday night session at Irish Times in Brookfield back in the mid-nineties. At that time, the session was really booming. There were nights with 15 musicians or more crammed around the fire place. Somewhere I have a recording for George and Alfonso performing an extremely melodramatic version of Czardas at Irish Times.

The Burren session was small, and I actually didn't play much. Partly because I had family and friends (and a burger) at another table, so I kept running back and forth. But also because I didn't know alot of the tunes they were playing which is a reminder that (1) I must keep learning tunes and (2) I really need to get back into going to sessions here in Chicago. We also didn't stay too long, as we were on our way to a "string" of candle-pin bowling.

For the Knitters among you, I did stop at Woolcott in Harvard Square. I actually ended up talking with Sean of Sean's Soapbox, which is how I knew of the store in the first place.


At 8/27/2005 12:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ang, great website. I'm on my way back to 1999 to see Paddy Keenan do a show at a little club on N. Lincoln. I've heard he did a screamin' version of Doggy In The Window. Might travel even further back to 1992 to catch your show at the old Cornerstone coffee house show. Heard you had some good lookin' back up singers on the school house rock medley.

Sock Knitters rock.


At 8/29/2005 11:10 AM, Blogger dulcimist said...

Hey Johnny,
Glad you stopped by our time-slice. Definitely stop by Martyr's but just don't get to fancy on that back-up singer. She's taken by a mad fly-fishing woodsman.

peace in you travels,


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