Sunday, August 28, 2005

Non-music related vacation content

I realize that I picked a bad time to start a blog about my music, as I launched the blog in early August and have basically taken the entire month of August off from playing music. nevertheless, I hope you enjoy these snippets of what I've been up to in the meantime.

My wife and I just got back from a week in the northwoods of Wisconsin. We spent two nights camping at copper falls state park enjoying hikes and bike rides along beautiful views such as this.

Back at the campsite we made some delicious gourmet campfire delights such as these marinated veggie skewers. Something about open-fire makes everything taste better.

The highlight of the camping was the night my wife, Jessica, had a run in with a bear. Heading back to the campsite after dark, she found herself about 5 feet away from a black bear. Once she realized the bear was not just me in dire need of a shave and breathe mint, she slipped into a near by campsite and the bear ran off into the woods. All parties unharmed.

Here's a digitally enhanced re-enactment we created the next morning for your viewing pleasure.

After the camping, we spent four nights at the residenz, a bed and breakfast in Ashland, WI, owned by our good friends Bob and Reba Rice. It's a beautiful victorian home with tons of antiques and two great hosts. If you're ever looking for a weekend getaway, it's a great choice. Right on Lake Superior, Ashland and the nearby Bayfield Peninsula host any kind of outdoor activities you could ask for, great restaurants, and a wonderfully welcoming community of people. Thanks Bob and Reba for a really relaxing, fun week.


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