Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sling Dance Performance

In my usual last minute fashion, here's a head's up:

Sling Dance Company, which includes my beautiful wife, Jessica, will be performing at Links Hall in Chicago this Friday and Saturday.

All I can say is this... John Wayne meets Carl Jung. Don't miss it.

Links Hall
3435 N. Sheffield, Chicago
Nov. 4th and 5th
Tickets are $10
Info: 773-281-0824



At 11/17/2005 8:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Jung & The Westless. Cool. Wish I could be there, but I'm stuck in 2001.

Your favorite time traveller,


At 11/21/2005 11:40 PM, Blogger dulcimist said...

Hey travelin' John,

We just watched "Breaking the Waves" the other night. sheesh. We'll have to have a chat about that one.

If you feel like relapsing back into your former urban life for a while, check out my clinical blog at

I recently started it as a way to discuss clinical counseling related issues. I haven't been posting here much, largely because I haven't been performing much.


At 11/26/2005 9:48 AM, Blogger Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Just checking out this other blog of yours. Love the Wayne/Jung analogy. Wish I could've seen you all!


At 4/18/2006 8:00 AM, Blogger osim-massage-chair said...

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