Wednesday, April 26, 2006


For the last few weeks I've been listening to the amazing cymbalist, Giani Lincan, in a concert recording with gypsy jazz guitarist, Tchavolo Schmitt. Tchavolo was featured in the movie, Latcho Drom.

Giani Lincan's cymbalom playing has pretty much convinced me I need a new dulcimer, one that is chromatic and has dampeners. Check it out to hear some unbelievable gypsy swing on a cousin of the hammered dulcimer.

The recording is available in a series of mp3 files here. The tracks with Giani are "Piste 9" through "Piste 13". Hope you enjoy.

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At 5/01/2007 3:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I really enjoyed the playing and watching you move all around the soundboard hunting for notes.

Like you, I have moved into new musical territory that is not exactly dulcimer friendly. I playing a lot of Gershwin pieces these days -- not that much different from the gypsy jazz you played in your video. It's fun but mind boggling trying to pick up as many notes of the chrods Gershwin used.

Best wishes in ypour musical adventures and keep up the great playing!

Allen Macfarlane

At 5/01/2007 11:43 PM, Blogger dulcimist said...

Hi Allen,
Thanks for stopping by. Wow, Gershwin on the dulcimer!! That sounds great. And challenging I'm sure.



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